Group Meeting Minutes 18/07/2019


  1. Apologies
  2. Minutes from previous meeting
  3. Update on website
  4. Update on NWMCW subcommittee
  5. Update on visits
  6. Report from Chris Baker on his trip to Alba Trees
  7. MNWG Messenger communication
  8. Membership role
  9. Seed collection
  10. Seed bank
  11. Date of next meeting


Present: Ann Evans (chair), Catherine Evans (minutes), Nick Evans, Jo Austin, John Austin, Richard Clutterbuck, Mike Shilson, Kirsty Shilson, Peter Leach, Andy Mortley, Tricia Evans

  1. Apologies: Chris Baker, Bill Patterson, Suzanne Patterson, David Clowes, Caroline Wood, Jean Laura.
  2. Minutes from last meeting: No items arose from the minutes of the last meeting.
  3. Update on website: It was agreed that the web page would be used for general information which would be for public access and would include the date of forthcoming meetings along with the agenda for the meeting and the minutes of the meeting once ratified. There should also be part of the website which is for member access only. Until all this is in place, the meeting agenda and minutes will be sent out by email as at present.
    1. ACTION: Catherine will review with members of the email list whether they wish to continue to receive the agenda and minutes.
    2. ACTION: Ann to meet with Craig to discuss:
      1. Members’ access to the website
      2. Website security so that personal email addresses of members are secure
      3. If anyone uses the email address contact@MNWG it needs to be decided to whom the email should be directed

There was further discussion about our Facebook page and the use of Messenger. It was agreed that events would be put on the Facebook page and linked to Everything Mull. Messenger is useful for quick discussions but not all regular meeting attenders are part of the Messenger group. It was pointed out that it is not necessary to be a member of Facebook in order to be on Messenger.


    • Tricia will contact Jim regarding the set up of the Facebook page.
    • Four or five volunteers to manage the page will be sought at the next meeting.
    • Also at the next meeting we need to discuss ways of checking Messenger membership.
  1. Update on NWMCW subcommittee: The board of NWMCWC is setting up three sub-committees – woodland, Ulva and housing. Non-board members may be co-opted to join these sub-committees. Each sub-committee will lead the work on their area of interest but the whole of the board of directors for NWMCWC will have overall responsibility.
  2. Update on visits: Helen MacKay and her family are very interested in the environment around their farm and would welcome our involvement. She wants to collect seeds from the trees within the SSSI. Jenny Smith has a sizeable area of woodland at Loch Don where there has been a rare fungus growing.
    1. ACTION:
      1. Mike will agree with Helen a couple of possible dates for visiting before our next meeting and will inform the group.
      2. Ann will contact Jenny Smith to arrange a possible date for visiting her woodland.
  3. Report from Chris Baker on his trip to Alba Trees: This was postponed until the next meeting as Chris was unable to be present at this one.
  4. MNWG Messenger communication: Covered in item 2.
  5. Membership role
  6. Seed collection: Andy Robinson would be willing to guide a group and demonstrate how to collect and plant seeds. Robin Sedgewick has offered an area of land at Crannich which could be used as a tree nursery.
    1. ACTION: Further discussion at a future meeting to plan getting more people involved in seed planting and keeping a record of the trees planted.
  7. Seed bank
    1. ACTION: Ann will send group members the pdf document about seed collection which she received from Kew Gardens.


  • It was agreed that no refreshments would be served at future meetings so that we can start business promptly.
  • Andy has rewritten the introductory paragraph and added a final paragraph for “The Forest Plan Revisited” on the website.
  • Jean was unable to be present at the meeting but had sent a suggestion that we hold another photographic competition with the prize being a poster size print of the winning photograph. It was agreed that we hold this in the autumn and the theme will be “Seeds and Fruits in autumn”.

ACTION: Andy to plan the details ready for advertising in the September issue of R&A.

  • Jean is concerned about the damage to the machair at Langamull. It was agreed that the importance of Langamull Beach could be promoted along with the woodland and the archaeology as it is part of our aim to promote biodiversity. Related to this discussion, Mike told us about Robbie Kernahan who is an environmentalist and an authority on red deer. Robbie is interested in coming to Mull and his expertise could be very useful in relation to Langamull in particular.

ACTION: Mike to liaise with Jean.

Date of next meeting: Thursday 22nd August at Nick and Catherine’s 7.30pm