Annual General Meeting Minutes 03/05/2019

1. The meeting was attended by the following Office Bearers: Ann Evans (Chair), Jean Laura (Treasurer), Catherine Evans (Minutes).

2. Apologies: Craig Whittaker (Vice Chair)

3. As this was the first AGM of the group, there were no previous minutes to consider.

4. Reports:

Chairperson’s Report (Ann Evans):

We are a unique group so we turned our AGM into an event celebrating  community successes across the island. Ann thanked all who came with displays and also the MSP for Argyll and Bute, Michael Russell.

We now have 119 members, 22 of whom were original members and who form the group’s  committee. We will elect office bearers at our next meeting on 20th June.The starting point of the group was back in 2017 when a number of people within our community were alerted to the possible use of neonicotinoids within our community woodland at replanting time. Michael Russell was very supportive of our concern and helped to set up a meeting of interested parties. Some time after this meeting, the Board of North West Mull Community Woodland Company agreed not to use neonicotinoids. However, by then we became aware that the problem could be more widespread across the island so in March 2018 we became a constituted group with nominated office bearers.

In November 2018 there was a round table meeting of interested parties where the use of chemicals was discussed. We plan to hold another round table meeting during 2019 so that residents of Mull may be kept informed about what is happening  within their environment.

We were very pleased to hear that Argyll and Bute Council have agreed to test for neonicotinoids in water supplies from 2019. Other positive moves are that some estates on the island have made decisions on their landuse based on what they have learned from our group; Tiroran Community Woodland are testing sapling waxing as an alternative to chemicals when replanting. On the down side, Pennyghael Estate have used neonicotinoids in recent replanting. We hope to help with water testing to monitor the extent of the problem.

The aims of Mull Native Woodlands Group:

  • To change government policy and get harmful chemicals banned within Scotland.
  • To gather seeds for the Kew Gardens seed bank as every native tree has its own genus based on where it is growing.
  • To develop a community tree nursery of native species by asking individuals with gardens to grow trees from seeds or seedlings of native trees on Mull.

Treasurers Report (Jean Laura)

Bank Credits
17.12.2018 Opening balance from donations 35.00
19.02.2019 Paypal code request 00.01
13.03.2019 Funds from 2018 online donations 216.17
15.03.2019 Funds raised from ‘Curry Ceilidh’ 300.00
Total Credits 551.18
Banking Debits
20.03.2019 Calico UK (Website Hosting and Domain) (126.00)
Total Debits (126.00)
Balance as of 01/05/2019 425.18

5. Other business:

  • Matthew Burgess was nominated to the committee.
  • In whatever we do, we will bear in mind the wise words of Michael Russell:

“The world is not bounded by Argyll and Bute Council and a community can agree how they want things to be, using three golden rules when setting out to do something:

  • You don’t have to seek permission.
  • Somebody else won’t do it.
  • Nobody else will do it unless you tell others about it.”

The meeting closed at 5.50pm