Mull Tree Nursery 2020

The virus has put our tree nursery plans on hold like the rest of the country and the world we have to wait until the time is right.

This project is a joint one with the Mull and Iona Community Trust our umbrella organisation and thanks must go to this team there for assistance with the funding applications, their advice and support.

We were fortunate to have the ground works completed and funding from Forest Scotland agreed for a part time manager to help with design and layout, and our application for seed collection approval. We will have to wait for deer fencing before we can do anything outdoors, but  hope this will be achieved by the autumn when we have gathered our seeds. The polytunnel has been ordered and we have wheelbarrows, a trolley, and a few other items.

We will be looking for volunteers to help collect seeds of the key species we want to grow and hope to deliver some training days to help people who want to volunteer.

The progress is remarkable in such a short space of time and these images capture the ground works as you can’t visit.

Keep in touch through our website and facebook page.

Ann Evans Chair




Checking the layout with TSL


Site from the Air: Polytunnel site bottom left: outdoor planting area above centre.