Green light for Tree Nursery 2020

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 Green Light for Community Tree Nursery

The collecting of seeds for Kew in 2019 spurred our group on to think about how to conserve and expand our own native woodlands and coppices which are suffering from predation by deer. Saplings are not being allowed to grow, and our woodlands are deteriorating. It particularly affects Hazel Atlantic rain forests, a unique habitat.

Aware of a nationwide shortage of native trees for woodland groups to plant we decided to respond by creating our own tree nursery on Mull. This will ensure that the shortage is addressed at least partially, and importantly the trees grown here will be from locally sourced stock.

At the end of 2019 we contacted Forestry and Land Scotland about leasing a piece of ground adjacent to the Dervaig Community Orchard. The FLS team were very supportive and enthusiastic to support the idea and have made the land we need available on a very simple basis free of charge.

As we are a very small group, MICT agreed to act as an umbrella organization, and to help us obtain the necessary funding to establish the nursery. Funding applications were submitted to construct an entrance to the site and a small car park, to de-stump the 0.5 Hectare site. We then hope to install a polytunnel and the necessary equipment and materials to get the nursery working later this year.

A View of the tree nursery site looking North to the Community Orchard

This week we learnt that our application to EB Scotland has been approved in full, and with a sizeable donation in the form of work in kind from TSL, we can start to prepare the ground for this project.

As can be seen from the photographs there is a lot of remedial work required before we can begin

tree nursery site










We will be creating an entrance and car park, deer fencing and de-stumping of the ground.

Part of the funds we have received will be going to towards purchasing a large poly tunnel and equipment for setting up the nursery.

Our aim is to collect seeds locally and in the autumn of 2019 we began this process and hopefully a small batch of young plants will be available to grow on in our nursery this year.

We would love more people to get involved either growing on seeds helping on site or even collecting and recording seeds and sites where our native trees are. If you are interested please contact us, we would love to hear from you.

Keep an eye on our website for news of progress