Meeting Minutes 14.11.2019

Mull Native Woodlands Group

Minutes of meeting held on 14th November 2019


  1. Apologies
  2. Minutes of previous meeting and Matters arising
  3. Update on NWMCW sub committee
  4. Update on Tree Nursery
  5. Update on Kew seed collection
  6. Photo competition
  7. Website training
  8. AOCB
  9. Date and venue for next meeting


  1. Apologies

Caroline Wood, Tricia Evans, Carolyne Charrington, Matthew Reed, Craig Whittaker, Andy Robinson.


Ann Evans (chair), Catherine Evans (minutes), Moray Finch, Kirsty Shilson, Mike Shilson, Andy Mortley, Richard Clutterbuck, David Clowes, John Austin, Jo Austin, Kim Luscombe, Kevin Luscombe, Bill Patterson, Suzanne Patterson, Jean Laura.

  1. Minutes from previous meeting 14th  October

The Minutes were approved

     Matters Arising

There was a short discussion about our Drop In Morning at An Roth on 23rd October. This had not been well attended with only one of those invited attending. However, we made the most of this time with informal discussion about the work of the group. Andrena Duffin who had attended has volunteered to look after young trees planted in her abandoned vegetable plot. Unfortunately there is a vole problem on the plot. In addition Andrena has access to an area of woodland adjacent to her garden. It consists of sycamore surrounding an oak copse and lots of holly. This looks like an area of natural Atlantic Rain Forest and as such would benefit from protection. It would be a good place to collect seeds in the future. Mike has contacted Stuart Finlay of Forestry and Land Scotland as it may be part of Aros Park.

Following the Drop In Morning, some of the group visited Jenny Smith’s woodland at Loch Don and collected oak and hazel seeds. There is also alder and holly but the holly may not be native.

  1. Update on the NWMCW sub committee

The sub committee are looking into the specific species for planting and the relevant costings, along with cost implications for increasing the broad leaf. This will then lead to updating the forest design plan.

  1. Update on Tree Nursery

Mike has received a contract from Forestry and Land Scotland for the plot for the proposed tree nursery. It is agreement without cost for three years. The nursery will be under the umbrella of MICT and its title will be Mull Tree Nursery Group. It was agreed that a three-year agreement will be insufficient for successful funding applications.

ACTION: Moray to reply to this offer (on the proviso that the board of MICT approve him to do this) and request a 10 year renewable agreement.

Moray asked for volunteers from our group to make funding applications once the agreement is finalised. Mike, Ann and Andy agreed to do the funding applications with help and advice from Liz Peele from MICT.

ACTION: Moray to provide a list of possible funders with examples of wording.

ACTION: Mike to approach TSL regarding the destumping of the land.

  1. Update on Kew seed collection

This is the last year of the Kew seed collection project. A grant of £454 from Kew for equipment will go into the MNWG bank account. The equipment will include biosecurity equipment, loppers and trugs. We also need to make claims for mileage at 40p per mile. It will be up to each individual whether they keep their mileage payment to cover their expenses or donate it to the group funds.

ACTION: It is now time to start collecting alder and holly seeds. Ann reminded the group that seeds should be collected from all layers of the canopy and that no more than 20% of the seeds on any one tree should be collected.

  1. Photo Competition

The competition was not as successful as last year with fewer entrants and no schools taking part. Andy suggested that an impartial judge should be found as most of the entrants were members of our group.

  1. Website training

Ann, Richard, Andy, Mike, Jean and Catherine expressed interest in participating in website training and a provisional date of 28th November was suggested.

ACTION: Ann to contact Craig regarding this date.

  1. AOCB
  • Moray would welcome any volunteers who could help him when he goes down to Ardura to do clearing of sitka seedlings.
  • We were interested to hear that Forestry and Land Scotland are going to uproot and transplant roadside seedlings instead of using flailing to keep forest tracks clear.
  1. Date of next meeting 12th December at Mike and Kirsty Shilson’s, 7.30pm