The Work Party

The Work Party

The Working Party 1Our mission was to make the plantation stock and deer proof, to remove all plastic tree shelters and rotten stakes. All the trees had out grown their protective shelters and it was an easy task to undo the cable ties and remove them. What a difference that made, suddenly everywhere looked tidy, uncluttered and natural.

The Working Party 2

The major task was the fencing. One or more of the corner strainer posts had rotted being untreated spruce. Without them the single strands of wire intended to keep the deer out had lost all tension. Many of the other posts were also rotten, these were being replaced by poles donated by the Treshnish estate. Thank you.

The Working Party 3

We very quickly discovered that there was hardly any depth of soil, the iron bar stabbed into the ground bounced off the rock beneath. So all the posts needed extra support. Fence wire was pulled tight and stapled. The green plastic shelters and stakes were neatly stacked in a corner of the plantation awaiting to be reused and the job was done.

Thanks to all who volunteered, we had a laugh and we have the satisfaction of knowing that these trees that our children planted are now protected .

The Working Party 4