The History of Mull Native Woodlands Group


Mull Forest

Mull Native Woodlands Group evolved from concern within the north west Mull community about the planned use of neonicotinoid pesticides during the replanting of NWMCWC areas. The initial worry was that these chemicals could contaminate private water supplies and also have a devastating effect on insects and invertebrates, and ultimately other wildlife within the food chain of the affected area and beyond. This was alleviated when NWMCWC took a policy decision that no neonicotinoids will be used within the woodlands during replant operations and investigate alternative means of reducing the damaging effect of weevils on young saplings after replanting.

Mull Native Woodlands Group has developed a vision to influence NWMCWC in their replanting of the woodland area for the benefit of wildlife, the local community and visitors to the island. Alongside the commercial planting we want an improved and varied habitat for wildlife and opportunities for outdoor recreation. We wish to increase the social and economic value of the NWMCWC woodlands to our local community by investigating a range of forest uses and products. The Mull Native Woodlands group wishes to work alongside the board of directors of NWMCWC and involve all sectors of the community in the development and use of their woodland areas. Working together we can create an enhanced, safe and productive environment for all.