Photo Competition 2018 – Eug Thomasson
Photo Competition 2018 – Eug Thomasson
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A Community Celebration – Friday 03/05/2019

We are delighted that MSP Michael Russell has agreed to come to Dervaig on Friday May 3rd.

Michael Russell. Image courtesy of WikiPedia.

During his time with us he will be visiting Dervaig Community Orchard, Dervaig Community Library, Dervaig Village Hall and the recently refurbished bunk rooms. He will then give the inaugural address at the Mull Native Woodlands Group first AGM.

We are hoping this event will really showcase a number of local and national environmental and community groups.
Timetable of events

  • 1:30pm Arrive in Dervaig: visit to the Community Orchard with Dervaig Primary 4-7school children.
  • 2:15pm Arrive at Village Hall: visit the Community Library with Dervaig Primary 1-4 school children. Followed by a tour of the refurbished bunk rooms.
  • 3:00 pm Visit the various displays of Mull’s achievement showcase, followed by afternoon tea and cakes.
  • 4:30pm A short recital from Mull Music Makers
  • 5:00pm Keynote address from Michael Russell
  • 5:30pm 1st AGM of Mull Native Woodland Group

Ann Evans
Chair Mull Native Woodlands Group

Welcome to Mull Native Woodlands Group

The Mull Native Woodland Group was set up in 2018.  Its members initially came from the north west of Mull in response to developments in the local woodlands.  This led to a realisation that we cared about what was happening in woodland and forestry across the whole island. We welcome new members from the isles of Mull and Iona and beyond.

The name of the group was chosen in recognition of the remaining areas of biodiverse woodlands on Mull – and the role they play in encouraging wildlife.

Our aims include:

  • Raising awareness of the importance of different woodland habitats
  • Supporting land managers and community groups in restoration and re-establishment of native woodlands
  • Looking at woodlands as potential areas for training, and for environmentally sustainable economic development
  • Campaigning against the use of pesticides and herbicides and helping find alternatives
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